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"Aesthetic Police Lower Manhattan Pct" Uniform T-Shirt - Size S,M,L - ONLY 7 Left!


This "Aesthetic Police Uniform" is a 100% cotton white T-shirt in standard sizing (Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large) with a 4"x4" dark blue imprint of the "Aesthetic Police" Membership Stamp on the left chest area, printed in the USA.

The 6oz. Cotton pre-washed T-shirt was made in Honduras. We test-washed & threw one in the dryer... noted a small amount of shrinkage- maybe half a size - just so you know!

Here's the "Aesthetic Police" origin story:

"Walking around my adopted city, I often felt that certain people, places and things in New York were presented for my approval or appreciation. So much attracted the eye, which was why I loved this town - and still do. I felt like some kind of cop in a way, always judging. I decided to show my approval, or my dis and had a little rubber stamp made. When I felt inclined, I'd stamp the wall of various joints- like The Mudd Club, J.S Vandam, Danceteria 1, etc., and sign it "Passed" or "Approved", and occasionally, "Fail". The stamps stayed in place for months, which in graffiti terms means they got respect. This revival of an ancient semi-secret society puts the judgement in your hands. Join the Royal Eye Force today!

- Max Blagg ©2022

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